Thursday, 23 May 2013

Measures of Health

How do we measure health?
Its actually more difficult than you may think.  We can easily measure ill health, disease, viruses, inability to work, pain, etc  but Health is far more than just the lack of ill health.

Here is a quick list of Some Markers of "Health"
2) BMI
3) body fat percentage
4) Cholesterol
5) Blood Pressure
6) Resting Heart rate
7) Energy levels
 Relaxing Sleep (quality not quantity)
9) Aerobic performance (vo2max and lactate thresholds)
10) Digestive function (good pooing ability)
11) Reduction of illness and pain.
12) Sweat v Body oder
13) T-cell count
14) Blood sugar stability
15) mood
16) hair, skin and nails condition
17) Cognitive ability - concentration
18) Appetite
19) Positive Mental attitude
20) Social interaction

Health involves both physical, psycological and sociological factors, of which the the importance of each change with different times and developments in our lives.

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