Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Things to Buy To Help You With Weightlifting

I do like lists. top tens, charts, analytics all that kind of stuff.
and I like finding things that have easy links if I am advised to go buy stuff.

So this page is really for myself for the future for when I need to remember to buy things for my Gym training.  The store is below, but below that is my reasoning for each item.

Weightlifting shoes

Just about to start using these, definitly squats will drop at the start, maybe the first couple of weeks but hope to have my squats increasing very fast after I get used to the new heel position.


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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

24 Day Squat Challenge

I can't ever claim to be someone that is afraid of too much volume nor that I fear the dreaded "OVER TRAINING"  I have managed to go to the gym up to 10 times a week for weeks on end without ever reaching this so called limit of over training.
I especially like this quote
Overtraining is real, but it is very misunderstood and grossly overstated by most people. 99% of people will never experience overtraining, and maybe only 5-10% of athletes.   http://www.doctorhartmanblog.com/2011/07/overtraining-vs-under-recovery.html

However I have, over the past year, separated my workouts day to day, by following the Wendler 531 programme which focuses on 4 main exercises (deadlift, squat, shoulder press and bench press) I have rarely ever done the same exercise back to back.  Well maybe a couple of times doing benchpress but that is easy.

Just before Christmas I managed an Ass-to-Grass 120kg (265lbs) Squat and a 105kg Front Squat, which I was most happy about - see here

And although I am very happy with that, and with my bodyweight at the time being around 84kg (185lbs) it is a happy 143%bodyweight squat.


I kinda think that that still sucks, and sucks real bad especially after i saw this video of this lady doing front squats with 120kg for 4!