Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Different types of Fasting

Fasting is awesome,

There are a couple of different fasting routines on line that people follow

Intermittent fasting (usually fasting every day for something like 16-20hours)
ADF (alternate day fasting) eat one day, don't the next, simple)
5-2 Fasting (eat for 5 days, fast for 2)
and all variances in between of course,  Find what time scheduled suits you best and works for you.
I can also fast for 48hours and currently trying a 3 day fast.

Currently for me I fast every day, and break my fast at around 2-3pm. This means I have usually had a 18-20hour fast and a 6-4 hour eating window.
And I also do TravelFasting where when i have to go for a long trip, whether it be a drive, train or flight, ill just not eat. which is great cos then I save a lot of money and am not tempted by really crap food.

However those are really just regarding the Duration.

I suggest there are also intensity levels of fasting, and activity during the fast

1) Hardcore Fasting -  This is where you fast but you still kill it in the gym, high intensity cardio and/or heavy weights. This is tough and also certain exercises are harder than others, ie doing heavy deadlifts for reps when slightly fasted is a dizzy time!

2) Lazy Fasting - This is just where you don't eat, You will do lazy fasting when traveling or when your being a slob and just watching tv or playing computer games.
Lazy fasting is very similar to Devastation Diet, where if you have been dumped by your partner you are so depressed you just cant eat.... not a healthy or happy way to live. Could also be an indication of Anorexia so this generally sucks if you are not doing it intentionally.

Then the Intensity of the fast, and its stricktness.

Those who do Ramadan know what a strict fast is!, not only are you not allowed to eat/consume anything, you cant even have water! Now that is crazy! I spoke to one of my friends and he even told me that he cant use eye drops or ear drops  or anything for a cough etc....

When taking the fast beyond 24hours you should consider the type/strictness of fast you do during that time.

1) Strict fasting.  This is really the avoidance of all things food and calorie-tastic, however coffee, tea, Stevia, sweeteners, Pepsi max, I say are all ok

2) Sensible fasting, This is really the better option especially if you are doing Hardcore fasting. In sensible fasting I recommend some form of calorie intake (aim for under 500cal) my tip would be, an apple, banana, 2-3 eggs and amino and Chia seeds. probably most of that taken later on in the day closer to night time.

So for me I can more accurately say the kind of fasting I do is
18h Intermittent Hardcore fasting, interspersed with Hardcore Extended (sub 3 day), sensible fasting

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Potential: Reaching your Max

Its a funny word Potential, especially if you say it too many times. If English is not your first language let me explain what 'potential' is.