Wednesday, 28 August 2013

How much Weight Can I lose in 2 Days?

Here are the food diaries for what i ate while i was trying to loose as much weight as possible.

I could have just stopped eating for 3 days but every time I have done that my digestive system also shuts down and i end up not doing a poo for the whole time, so here I still ate a good amount of food to keep me "regular"

Day 1, when I weighed myself at 88.8kg I burnt off 525Kcal with some gardening


Day 1 was really this day, this is when i pretty well controlled what I was eating but also destroyed it on the cross trainer and other machines, burning over 1000kcal

The second day... this may look odd, but the weigh in time was just before lunch, and by that time I had already sweated out and exercised out 700Kcal that morning and weighed myself,

the second part of that where you see how i ate a shit ton of food.  thats part 2 of this experiment, how much weight can i put back on in a day?!