Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Strength Level 1 and 2

Strength Level 1 is not about what total weight you can lift nor how many years you have been working out for.  Its a combination of Strength to bodyweight and also fitness.

Level 1 is being able to do all of these within 1 month

Deadlift         2 x bodyweight
Squat             1.5x bodyweight
Bench            1.25xbodyweight
Push Press     1.25x bodyweight
Pull up           Bodyweight x10

and RUN/JOG 5k in under 30mins

Level 2 could take a year or 2 to get up to after reaching level 1

Deadlift      2.5 x bodyweight
Squat          2 x bodyweight
Bench         1.5x bodyweight
Pushpress   1.5 x bodyweight
Pullup         bodyweight x 20

Run /jog 5k in under 25mins

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