Friday, 7 September 2012

How I Dropped 5kg / 12lbs in 2 days

Last weekend i was away in ireland for 4 days, I ate like a champion, Fry-ups in the morning, fish and chips with disgusting amounts of salt and sauses, chocolate... oh lots of chocolate, biscuits, big curry, bigger chinese, and I didn't scrimp on the booze, beer every night.  I larded it up for the whole time I was there.

I knew I was putting on flab, but I didnt care, cos I knew I could drop it off afterwards, additionally,  I had done a big squat day just before going over to Ireland, so the calories were all good..... kind of.

When I left my body weight was 82kg (give or take a shit)
When I returned my body weight was 85kg (give or take a shit) 

Time to commence badass weightloss programme.

Now this did not consist of starving myself. Infact here is what I ate for the 48 hours

  • Chia seeds (400kcal worth)
  • Xtend (amino supplement)
  • Protein shake (about 500kcals worth)
  • Unsweetened almond milk (1litre)
  • Fruit salad (350gramms)
  • MandS bean salad thing (210kcals)
  • A total of 8 full eggs, fried (no oil or fat or butter, just non stick pan) on 2 bits of toast (with butter and salt)
  • half a tub of Philidelphia on 2 bits of whole grain bread drowned in butter,
  • shit loads of ketchup
  • 1 apple
  • 1 banana
  • 1 kiwi fruit
  • Coffee, lots of coffee,
  • Sugar replacement (stevia) for in my coffees
  • Diet pepsi 2 bottles
  • 1 Green tea (as a tea)
  • 2 green tea tabs
  • Multi vitamin x2
  • Jack3d pre-workout supplement (shitloads of caffeine)

Now the first time I weighed myself was the Wednesday Morning, in the gym. For the sake of the title that is when I am saying I start my weight loss, however by this time i was already 12hours into my first fast,  The last time I had eaten was when i was back in Northern Ireland having a big curry at 6pm before rushing off to get my plane. (PS N.I. City airport doesnt even have a Dixons, or Currysdigital to keep you amused! can it even call itself an airport?)

So at this moment the fat burning is already started. And my first gym session is going to enhance it as much as possible.
I go with only a coffee, some green tea, some xtend amino suppliment and some Jack3d suppliment in me to the gym. I do a couple of high incline sprints on the running machine to get me warmed up, a couple of balls to the wall rows (totaling about 1k) then hit some weights, then the cross trainer where i put it on max resistance and stick my headphones in and watch tv ("Life according to Jim" is my new fav morning programme)
40 or so minutes later it says i have just burnt off 700 calories!
now time to hit the sauna for 15 minutes, then shower then change and head off to work for 9am!
Fat burning level MAX!

 From 9am - 3pm I am just busy working. My work is shooting the inside of a couple of Properties, photos and videos, then sitting on my ass editing, manipulating uploading and socialmedia-ing the images and the properties.  Not really intensive stuff, but also not totally just sitting at a desk.

During this time I dont eat. I had 2 coffees, with a dash of milk, and stevia, and a green tea. (average 1 caffeinated good thing every 2 hours) This staves of any hunger and keeps me burning calories due to the thermogenic/awesome NEPAboosting effect of caffeine.
(NEFA, Non-Exercise Physical Activity = ie the shit you do when not Exercising. ie day to day work but also additional stuff like going for a piss, going to the water cooler, going to get more coffee, fidgeting etc)

at 3pm I filled up my gym cup thing, with 2 heaped teaspoons of chia and a scoop of some whey protein (strawberry flavor) then fill it up to about 500mls of water. and then drink that. It becomes a bit of a gloop so sits in the stomach for a while. didnt feel all that great. made me crave something sweet and fiberous like an apple.  So i went to a shop and found me a kiwi fruit and scoffed that.

after work i head to the shops, buy some magazines, buy a light for the house, usual day to day stuff.
then at home i get busy working on some photography videos and photos, and at about 8pm I decide to go and have some eggs.

I fry 4 whole eggs in a pan (no butter or oil in the pan just a non stick pan) put in some spices and pepper and salt then once suitably scrammbled i put them on a single piece of granary bread (which each slice has about 135kcal!) I butter the toaste and drown the eggs in ketchup.  that fills me up nice, but i kinda wanted more so, i toasted another slice and covered it in philidephia and butter.
then a camomile tea before bed and off i go to sleep for 10.30pm

Day 1 complete!

Day 2 starts the same as day 1
stumble out of bed at 5.50, turn the kettle on make a massive coffee, 2 heaped tea spoons of coffee, 1 heaped of stevia and 200ml of unsweetened almond milk.  That gets the innards moving.

then a big pint of water
then just before i leave the house at 6.45 ill take 300mls of water with a scoop of jack3d and a scoop of xtend aminos, very orangy.

off to the gym. this time i do some cardio and notice my heart rate is not every high, so i get off the cross trainer and do some weights, some squats, shoulder presses,  and bent over rows, pull ups and dips, then a quick sprint on the running machine incline 9 speed 15 total distance 150m, that blasts the heart rate up to max 191bpm, then i go and go back on the cross trainer and do 35mins, burn off another 600 calories then have a nice 15 minutes in the sauna.

I head to work for 9 and dont eat till 2,

At 2pm i go to M and S and get myself a fruit salad, a been salad thing, and fill up my gym cup with more almond milk and this time chocolate flavored protein.  total calorie intake is about 550cals (still less than what i burnt off in the gym in the morning)

Throughout the day I may have another coffee, or a diet coke.

after work i meet a wedding client and go through their wedding rehersal, just beforehand I eat a banana.  I discuss photos, then head over to a studio and record 5 photography related videos, then by the time i get home it is around 9pm,
Back at home it is the same as before, 4 eggs, toast, butter etc, then toast and philidelphia, and then also an apple. while eating i edit a video, upload to youtube, then get to bed for 11pm.  (would have liked to get to bed earlier but just too busy)

Day 2 complete!

So time for the weigh in!
I head to the gym, and do my 10 ton workout, so i look a bit more pumped for the ab check video I do, then go and weigh myself. and blow me! the scales now say 79.6kg!

job done!

However I then carry on, and do some more weights, a quick sauna, then dont eat till 3pm again that day but then what i do eat, i eat what ever i want. i have 2 cakes, 2 chocolate bars, 2 salmon ball things, 1 giant pasta pot, then when i get home i watch a dvd (apollo 18) have a bowl of oats with lots of nuts in it, then later on that night i get peckish again and go back to asada get myself a peparoni pizza, and a block of cheese, and a packet of crisps, and some hummas and scoff the lot!

a the rewards are so good! abs and pizza!

Technically, you could say it was a diet from Tuesday 8pm till the final weigh in on friday at 8am = 60 hours…… so guess it is kinda cheating saying it was 2 days. but hey who gives a crap when you have dropped 5kgs!

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